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Cool Roof Method 

Energy-efficient roofing systems can significantly reduce roof temperatures during the summer. Selecting cool roofing materials and systems that reflect the sun's radiant energy, before it penetrates building interiors, will mitigate urban heat island effects. Cool roofs encompass several different systems, materials, and installation methods, including built up roofing, coatings, metal, modified bitumen, slate, shakes, shingles, single ply, and tiles.

Cool roofs minimize the transfer of heat to the building below by reflecting and emitting the sun's energy back to the atmosphere.

The surrounding environment is cooler, reducing the urban heat island effect and smog formation. Cool roofs benefit building owners and the environment as follows:

Lower rooftop temperatures lead to reduced cooling loads and air conditioning use

Less wear and tear on air conditioning systems and greater efficiency at lower temperatures

Lower ambient air temperatures inside buildings and increased occupant comfort

Increased roof longevity

Reduced energy use during peak electricity demand hours avoids the need for rolling black-outs

Lower energy use results in reduced carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and other air pollutants

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